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Composed by eleven short-movies. Started in 2018, the ******* explore in a sensible and creative way the position of humankind and nature. The key stories illustrated by the eleven internationally recognized filmmakers reflect the intertwined relations between human society and natural environment that are aggravated by climate change on multiple dimensions and scales, hinting ...


Pincent 2020-11-19

只看了Daniela Thomas的TUÃ INGUGU,65/100,河水生态环境的gaze back/Faouzi Bensaïdi的A Sunny Day,70/100,未来环境设想的dark comedy /Leon Wang的Hungry Seagull,50/100,构思太简单了。 #FestivalscopeEFF(India)

Rosine** 2020-11-30

Hungry Seagull 5 / TUÃ INGUGU 7 / A SUNNY DAY 6.5 / MEGHA'S DIVORCE 0 / Olmo 2 / Qurut 5